Dominos Pro App Reviews

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What a great game

I love this game! I sure can play the demo version BUT! I choose To buy it cause I appreciate the maker of this game I love it thank you!

Addictive fun.

Game is quick and a lot of fun. Like the choices of difficulty.

Too Easy

I bought this game thinking that it would provide a true to life dominoes playing experience but not even close. How is it that Ive won nearly every game on the hardest setting? Dominoes when played with other people can be extremely challenging but this app appears to be the antithesis. If youre a beginner, then this is the app for you. If not, go play with your friends.


Fun to play. Needs a bigger score options like 500 or 1000 250 is max so that stinks.


This game is nicely customizable for greater enjoyment.

Good game

Good fun, can play as fast as you want.


One of those games thats easy to learn but hard to master. Definitely worth the upgrade

Dominos Pro

Awesome......customize to your ability and visual preference.

Rules do not seem correct.

Great game but the rules say "highest double" starts however, this does not seem to be the case. Many times I have the double 6 and the "game" starts playing. Am I missing something?


Lots of fun,great app!


Very fast, nice, good old memories


Love this game

Dominos Pro

Love playing Dominos. Its hard to stop. Good time killer. I give this game a 5 all the way.

2 thumbs up

Good game. Should be a $0.99

Love it

Play it all the time


It plays great, except for the first move. The rule states that the highest double moves first but Ive had the highest double in my set and the computer moves first. Also if I get to move first, it lets me play any tile even if I have a double. When I used to play with my grandmother years ago, if neither of us had a double to start, we alternately drew tiles until someone hot a double. Sometimes the total is reached but it isnt acknowledged until the first move. Also, sometimes it will start counting wrong and the only way to correct it is to remove the app and download it again.


This game is great to practice my math and domino skills

Fun game, but has huge bug

I learned and play dominos in this app all the time. i highly recommend it. There is a huge bug where the tiles you lay gives points to the opponent. it occurs when your opponent has nothing to play and collects the rest of the tiles, and still cannot play. when your next plays win points, those points gets added to your opponents score instead of yours. Byterun: Please please fix this.


Keeps crashing. Or doesnt even load, but not bad if it works.


Excellent game. Lots of fun!

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